The Solution to Warehouse Complexity: A WES for 2016

By Morgan Williams, Marketing Design Coordinator

The WES Solution Happy New Year! As we kick off 2016, manufacturers and distributors are doing everything they can to get their warehouse in tip-top shape for the year that lies ahead, seeking ways to better manage their warehousing operations. When it comes to managing these operations, making sure your warehouse processes and technology solutions are functioning efficiently and effectively is vital to a successful year.

In the past, warehouses were referred to a “cost centers,” rarely adding value to the business. However, due to increasing customer demands, warehouses are now seen as vital components to the supply chain. Today’s modern warehousing systems are required to process increasingly complex tasks and provide reliability and flexibility for future business needs. As we transition into the New Year, we are seeing companies move away from their traditional beliefs and are, instead, seeking state-of-the-art automated warehouse solutions, such as automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to improve efficiency and productivity.

As these manufacturers and distributors turn to automation, an increased importance is being placed on software applications to run operations efficiently and thus, reduce inventory levels and increase order fulfillment accuracy. Typically, such operations rely on two software systems: a warehouse management system (WMS) and a warehouse control system (WCS); yet, many organizations are finding that utilizing a WMS and a WCS as separate systems is presenting a challenge in maintaining inventory levels, moving product, and fulfilling orders.

The solution? Warehouse Execution Systems (WES). Referred to as a rising trend in warehouse operational management, a WES is a single software application with integrated WMS and WCS functionality that simplifies all warehouse communication and material flow within a facility. Westfalia’s Savanna.NET® WES technology is designed to both receive and track product, while simultaneously matching inventory to customer orders. The sophistication of the Savanna.NET® WES provides the ability to help an organization utilize its automation and warehouse personnel more efficiently, deliver better storage utilization, increase inventory accuracy and allow for customizations to accommodate specific warehousing needs.

With automation on the rise and a market that is more competitive than ever, now is an ideal time to jump on the WES bandwagon before your warehouse becomes a thing of the past. By optimizing product receipt, storage, tracking and retrieval, integrated WMS/WCS applications will help companies to deliver their products in a more cost-effective manner. 


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