WEBINAR: Overcoming the Order Fulfillment Burden with Warehouse Execution Systems

By: Morgan Williams, Account Coordinator

Overcome the order fulfillment burden with WES  Order fulfillment is becoming a more complex process than ever before. Your customers demand and expect more from their warehouse and distribution centers as their orders are more frequent, contain more diverse SKUs and require custom-tailored solutions. We understand that companies just like yours are under a lot of pressure to fulfill orders within a shorter period of time, while still maintaining the highest level of customer service and remaining competitive. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Westfalia has a solution that could put you ahead of your competitors.

Westfalia's Dave Williams, director of software and solution delivery, recently hosted a webinar titled “Overcoming the Order Fulfillment Burden; Simplify Your Warehouse Processes with Warehouse Execution Systems.” Using his 30 years of experience to draw on, Williams identified complexities within various order fulfillment process and demonstrated how a warehouse execution system (WES) can help to reduce or eliminate these pain points to fulfill customer orders more efficiently and effectively.

It is important to note that order fulfillment is more than just receiving an order and delivering that order to the customer. It is about the sequence of steps involved in processing an order and delivering that order to the satisfaction of the customer. Satisfaction of the customer is arguably the most important element of this process, because when your customers are happy with your performance, they will want to continue to do business with you.

However, the fulfillment of customer orders can be a very complex endeavor. So much so that many companies are outsourcing the order fulfillment process so that they can spend their time, money and internal resources on other areas, such as product development. Some of the main things Williams discusses that companies struggle with include:

  • Product over/under selling
  • Insufficient inventory
  • Limited manufacturing capacity
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Transportation/delivery issues
  • Efficient use of labor

Whether you struggle with one or more of these issues, or even complexities that are not listed above, by first recognizing areas of your fulfillment process that need improvement, you can begin to evaluate the various tools available to overcome these challenges. When determining the best fit for your company, options can range from manual to full automation using a WES. But you must first understand your level of demand, available inventory, fulfillment resources, transportation availability, and labor skill level when analyzing data. Should you choose the road to automation, Westfalia’s Savanna.NET® WES provides unparalleled control of material flow and order fulfillment processes utilizing an integrated, flexible solution that eliminates the need for multiple applications.

“Address issues head on,” Williams suggests. “Oftentimes as we analyze customers’ orders, it can be an enlightening process for us and for them to see which areas of the business could be adjusted, even slightly, to increase productivity and profitability. Our customers often tell us that the cost of implementing and operating their WES, especially in the area of order fulfillment, is insignificant when compared to the benefits they see in labor utilization, tighter inventory control, and increased customer service.”

Interested in learning more about how WES can help overcome the order fulfillment burden, watch our webinar now available on-demand


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