Where will your WMS be by 2020?

By: Morgan Williams, Marketing Design Coordinator

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are a key element in the success of any supply chain. A WMS controls the management, storage and retrieval of materials, increasing the speed and efficiency of the movement of goods within a warehouse. Implementation of these systems allows the company to minimize the cost of fulfillment times through the management of warehouse inventory, space, equipment and people.

According to Industry Today, many existing WMS have matured and replacements are expected to drive the market demand for WMS systems in the near future. “These systems are evolutionary, with built-in enhanced functionalities and better integration with other supply chain management systems, to ensure quick modes of delivery.”

While demand for WMS is growing in the transportation and logistics industry, the largest percentage of demand still comes from the pharmaceutical and biotech, retail, and food and beverage industries due to advanced flexibility and customization features. These features allow for increased productivity by providing high levels of picking accuracy and labor management throughout the warehouse.

So as we approach a new decade, it’s time to re-evaluate your current situation. Would adding WMS software enhance your supply chain capabilities? Or has your current WMS reached the end of its life-cycle? Where will your WMS be by 2020? Maybe it’s time to seek out a new warehouse software solution and re-vamp your supply chain in preparation for future growth. 

Publisher: Industry Today

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