The Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a flexible Warehouse Management System (WMS)-Warehouse Control System (WCS) integrated solution that eliminates the need for separate WMS and WCS applications.  

Savanna.NET® provides the management features of a WMS, along with the automation control components of a WCS, which offers real-time views of material handling equipment, labor status and other key performance indicators crucial to an efficient warehouse system.

In a traditional warehouse operation, the WMS and WCS are often implemented as separate applications. Without seamless integration of the WMS and WCS, this combination of applications can create more challenges.

WES: Two Warehouse Solutions in One

The Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System offers an integrated set of WMS and WCS functionalities within a single application. This two-in-one methodology utilizes a single application to perform the tasks of both a WMS and a WCS. Furthermore, Savanna.NET® simplifies the communication and controls associated to automation, thus eliminating potential duplicated data and/or controls.

The tightly integrated WMS/WCS allows the system to handle transaction processing between the applications with increased efficiency as well. For solutions in which the WMS and WCS are separate, this task is often more complex and less efficient. Savanna.NET® is able to simplify warehouse application communications and controls, while greatly reducing the complexity of utilizing several “function-specific” applications.

Advantages of WES-Driven Warehouse Management

As an integrated solution, the Savanna.NET® WES has many distinct advantages over separately implemented WMS and WCS systems:

  • Maximize the benefits of automated systems while increasing inventory accuracy and reducing labor costs.
  • Scalable solutions: Implement the functionality needed to fully meet your business needs.
  • Flexibility to interface with other applications and host-based systems, such as corporate ERP, PLCs and automated equipment. 
  • Customizations available for customer-specific business rules and interfaces required to accommodate needs unique to your operations.
  • Use of a single system creates consistency and typically requires shorter learning curve for those operating the system.

The Savanna.NET® WES is ideal for organizations with large order volumes and high throughput needs.

The Savanna.NET® WES provides the functionality to receive and track product, while optimally marrying inventory to customer orders utilizing its order fulfillment processing capabilities. As users generate orders for fulfillment, the WES efficiently breaks the orders into logical units of work and then utilizes its robust WCS functionality to direct automated material handling equipment and/or manual labor to execute the work.

Like a conductor of a well-tuned orchestra, the Savanna.NET® WES provides the coordination of all WMS and WCS functionality in one application – inventory management, order management, material and user workflow, as well as the direction of Westfalia material handling equipment in real time throughout the entire warehouse. 

The sophistication of the Savanna.NET® WES provides the ability to help an organization utilize its automation and warehouse personnel more efficiently, deliver better storage utilization, increase inventory accuracy, improve product traceability, and allow for customizations to accommodate specific warehousing needs.

Warehouse Execution System Features — Sophisticated algorithms that move your product

Savanna.NET® utilizes a single system to seamlessly integrate WMS and WCS functionality, allowing the user to use only the specific functions needed for their unique business processes. Furthermore, our WES technology simplifies data exchange, communications, and controls within the warehouse. 

The Savanna.NET® WES provides the coordination of all WMS and WCS functionality into one, including:

  • 3D visualization
  • Automation management
  • Container management
  • Direction of Westfalia material handling equipment in real time throughout the entire warehouse
  • Item, SKU and inventory management
  • Material and user workflow
  • Order management
  • Order processing
  • Scheduler
  • Security/user management

Savanna.NET® supported WMS functionality includes:

  • Standard receiving processes
  • Receipt of stock and returned inventory
  • Seamless link to order generation systems
  • Real-time inventory tracking and tracing
  • Complete management of all items/SKUs and lots within the system
  • Communication with the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for automation
  • Integration with printers and other automated equipment, sending information for barcode and shipping labels information.

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Savanna.NET® supported WCS functionality includes:

  • Interfacing to host-based systems/Warehouse Management System (WMS), exchanging information required to manage daily operations
  • Allocation of work to material handling systems
  • Real-time order fulfillment directives to operators and machinery
  • Dynamic assignment of order information received from host system
  • Real-time reporting and directives to both operators and material handling equipment

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