Utilizing a single system to control all WMS and WCS functionality within a warehouse greatly reduces the complexity of operation that is typically seen when several “function-specific” applications are utilized.

Intuitive User Interface

The Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a robust, user-friendly application that provides a flexible, yet logical, user interface. The WES client allows for intuitive navigation throughout the application and areas of functionality are divided into menus and specific actions. These actions may be initiated using several different methods and shortcuts, allowing each operator to select his preferred method. System operators are provided with a variety of tools to manage data, including grid views, sorting options, and complex filtering tools. 

Interface to Automation

Having been born from automation, Savanna.NET® communicates efficiently with various types of material handling equipment. The Savanna.NET® WES solution eliminates the need for a WMS-WCS interface with its integrated systems. The WCS functions of Savanna.NET® manage the orchestration of the equipment to store, retrieve and transport inventory and is the power behind automated material handling equipment such as Westfalia's Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS).

Host System Integration

Utilizing a standardize XML-based host interface, Savanna.NET® is able to easily integrate into existing warehouse processing flows to either supplement or replace warehouse management and controls as appropriate. Savanna.NET® communicates with the host-based ERP applications through messages.  Supported are a collection of commands and events, which provide direction of warehouse equipment and user actions in response to the host ERP. 

Customization within Savanna.NET® traditionally focuses on the implementation of customer-specific business rules and modifications to the host interface that may be necessary to accommodate nuances with a customer’s business. With customization, additional messages can be created or the existing messages can be modified providing a common XML definition for all supported messages.  With customization, Savanna.NET® can support most third-party protocols and has a very fluid message transmission. Savanna.NET® natively supports host ERP message transmission through TCP/IP sockets, AQ, MSMQ, and a shared database messaging table (hosted in the Savanna.NET® database).

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