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Humanizing Automation in the 21st Century

Date posted: 11/15/2016

It is not just the efficiency of equipment that defines the success of a project, but rather the quality of the processes and people involved in running the system. 

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Customer Support – The Backbone of our Company

Date posted: 9/13/2016

Customer support is a critical part of fulfilling the Westfalia mission statement. We are committed to the success of our clients and pride ourselves on being an active partner in every stage of the automation process. 

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Automating the Future with Warehouse Software Controls

Date posted: 8/9/2016

Growing warehouse trends suggest that those companies looking to upgrade their warehouse management system to avoid reaching legacy status, should also consider implementing a warehouse control system to coordinate the automated aspects of the warehouse operations. 

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Why every company could use a WMS

Date posted: 7/12/2016

Warehouse Management System (WMS) software is not just for large companies and warehouse operations anymore. A quality WMS can be a valuable supplement to any ERP system or as a stand-alone entity managing anything from inventory to shipping. 

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WEBINAR: Overcoming the Order Fulfillment Burden with WES

Date posted: 6/14/2016

Order fulfillment is becoming a more complex process than ever before. Your customers demand and expect more from their warehouse and distribution centers as their orders are more frequent, contain more diverse SKUs and require custom-tailored solutions. 

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Warehouse Execution Systems: The Technology Behind an AS/RS

Date posted: 5/12/2016

It has been proven time and again that AS/RS are reliable technologies capable of effectively handling raw materials, WIP inventories and finished goods. Many companies are beginning to recognize the importance of software applications as they turn to automated warehousing systems to boost productivity. 

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Tick-tock; Time is inescapable for the beverage industry

Date posted: 4/18/2016

Time is inescapable and it plays an essential role in the beverage industry, particularly in the production of alcoholic beverages. 

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Warehousing the Beverage Industry

Date posted: 4/6/2016

With demand at an all-time high for healthy, flavorful beverages, so too is the demand on beverage manufacturers and distributors to move these products quicker and more efficiently. Increased speed and productivity requirements are forcing the beverage industry to turn to automation. 

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Automation technology stands strong in the fight against recalls

Date posted: 3/7/2016

As the number of reported outbreaks associated with foodborne illnesses continues to grow, more consumers are demanding fresh produce while turning away from their pre-packaged alternatives.In spite of their new following, fresh fruits and veggies are being held to higher, stricter standards.

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Why keep your warehouse execution system up-to-date?

Date posted: 3/1/2016

A warehouse execution system software package, like any large software application, is a constantly evolving collection of programs and control libraries.  

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