Tips to Ensure your Company will Increase Effectiveness of WMS Software Demonstrations

Looking for a new warehouse management software?

Before you schedule any demonstrations, you need to be prepared. Getting ready for the evaluation process will help ensure that your organization has the complete understanding of your needs as well as the correct information assembled to provide to your software vendors. Before you schedule your initial warehouse management system (WMS) software demonstration, you should determine if you would want to see only a system overview at first, or a more detailed summary of the software. Knowing this would help the potential vendor prepare the proper information for your demonstration.

Preparing an agenda with the features and functionality you expect out of your system is crucial. Letting your vendor know exactly what you are looking for will help them provide you with what you need. Asking for individual demonstrations for each functional area can give you a better understanding of what the system entails. Some examples would include : Operations, IT, Customer Service, Finance, Managerial/executive, etc.

If your organization manages any specialized or regulated inventory, you might be interested in setting aside a block of time to be able to see all of the features and functions available of each WMS to give you a better understanding on how this software can meet all the needs and requirements of your business. Scheduling shorter meetings with your vendors will also help you to focus on specific topic areas, engaging only your team members who will be affected. This ensures your team will be more focused on the specific issues. Immediately after your meetings, conduct a review session with the team to make sure they received all of the information that they were looking for and record any issues and/or follow-up questions they have.

A few more tips would be to ask for the software demonstrations to be recorded and to give you access of them, for later review. You should also ask for the demonstration scripted, as well as providing your business’ data and scenarios demonstrating how you will be using the system. Including a plethora of information on your organization’s operational processes for your vendor so they can better gear the system to your business.  Take notes and ask plenty of questions, which should always be answered to your satisfaction. You want to keep track of your concerns and what you do and don’t like, with respect to your WMS vendor.

While evaluating WMS software, its best to invest a decent amount of your time in the preparation of your organization before directly engaging with the vendor. Preparation will give the vendors a better opportunity to show you all of the features and functionality of the software for your business. Know your business, all technical requirements, and operational processes before anyone comes out for a demonstration.


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