The Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management System Functionality

The Savanna.NET® WES Warehouse Management System (WMS) controls the movement, storage and retrieval of materials within a warehouse. The core warehouse management software encompasses areas such as: inventory management, lot or batch tracking, order fulfillment and product movement/traceability.

Savanna.NET® WMS functions perform the administrative tasks associated with inventory within a warehouse, such as managing product and associated inventory turns, lifecycle and placement. Savanna.NET® WMS functions minimize cost and fulfillment times through the management of warehouse inventory, space, equipment and people.

Order Processing

Bringing greater efficiency, flexibility and accuracy to order processing operations is at the heart of our warehouse management system — and has functionality to support single- and multi-location warehousing operations. For companies with legacy systems or without automation in various locations, consolidating within the Savanna.NET® WMS will bring rapid operational improvements. Key order processing functionality includes:

  • Manage inventory transfers between physically separate locations
  • Manage inbound purchase orders and customer returns
  • Blind receiving
  • Directed and non-directed put-away to automation or conventional locations
  • Handheld, fork truck mounted and/or desktop receiving

Item/SKU and Warehouse Inventory Management

Our WMS includes a robust warehouse inventory system that puts all vital information at the fingertips of your personnel and manages item receiving, storage, and retrieval in the most efficient manner possible — within your unique operation. Inventory data to be tracked within the system is fully customizable, making our system suitable for virtually any types of items handled by a warehousing operation. Key item/SKU and inventory management functionality includes:

  • Our comprehensive warehouse inventory system manages all items/SKUs and lots within the system.
  • Data is stored for each item/SKU in the warehouse management software.
  • Operators can easily create a profile for each SKU, entering a series of default data per SKU (e.g. quantity per pallet, pallet type, FIFO window, etc.).
  • Inventory may also be managed via a flexible lot tracking system. The system supports client-driven lot IDs or a simple expiration date.
  • Storage and retrieval characteristics may be configured by lot and item and/or by item category, providing more control over storage patterns.
  • Inventory can also be stored in various units of measure (UOM). Each UOM is further defined by weight and/or quantity.
  • Inventory data may be entered manually or received electronically from a customer host system via a standard host interface.

Container Management

Determining what goes where becomes increasingly difficult as a warehousing operation grows in volume or begins to handle a wider range of container types. Support your complex container management needs with the Savanna.NET® warehouse management system, which helps you make the most efficient use of your available storage space. Key container management functionality of our system includes:

  • Support the management of multiple pallet types and dimensions.
  • Pallet management tracks individual pallet inventory.
  • Pallets are assigned a unique ID and data such as SKU, lot, product/expiration date, pallet location and pallet lock (if applicable). This information is associated to the pallet.
  • Operators have the option of locking pallets or placing them in “quarantine.” An expiration date may be entered for the pallet quarantine.
  • Flexible pallet configuration allows multiple items and lots (e.g. expiration or production date) to be stored on one pallet.
  • Provides management of all rack storage locations in the system, current space allocations, and management of item zoning for storage optimization.
  • Sophisticated storage algorithms powered by the warehouse management software to determine the best location and sophisticated retrieval algorithms to identify which product meets the required criteria for product selection.
  • Operator-initiated inventory comparisons to verify that data has been properly updated and ensure congruency between the PLC and the WMS.

Security/User Management

Proper security is important to just about every warehousing business, and in certain verticals — such as healthcare and food/beverage — is a dealmaker or deal-breaker. Our warehouse management software incorporates solid security functionality to protect your business and your customers — and yet gives personnel at all levels visibility to the information needed to do their jobs effectively. Key security/user management functionality includes:

  • Provides various levels of access to the Savanna.NET®
  • Allows the warehouse manager to create user groups (roles) and assign a specific set of user rights to each group (role). User accounts are created and users are assigned to a particular user group (role). The user is limited to the rights associated with the user group (role).
  • Allows the warehouse manager to assign users to groups (roles) with full system access, very limited system access or a moderate level of access.

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